Timberview PALS

I’m taking a break from the blog this week, so I’ve asked the students from Timberview’s PALS Program to guest blog.  Huge thanks to Jennifer Bass and her students for taking the time to help out this week!  Here’s there story:

PALS (Peer Assistance in Leadership and Service) – We are nonjudgmental characters here to listen; we are friends to help while creating positive change, one student, one family, one school at a time.

“PALS” is a statewide leadership program that takes place in most middle schools, and Timberview is no exception. The fourteen eighth grade girls in this group are learning to listen to their peers’ problems, and help them be at ease. They resemble a close-knit family and are always there to support each other and those around them. They have already begun a tutoring program in just the fifth week of school, and plan to continue giving back by volunteering at nursing homes, helping at the Early Learning Center and going on a Leadership retreat in November. The girls in this group are dedicated, focused leaders, working hard to make their school, their community, and eventually the world a better place. All you have to say is please.


One thought on “Timberview PALS

  1. Very honorable work! You girls provide a much needed service to your school and community.
    There are lots of kids struggling so hard to find a place to fit in, and just need a helping hand, a good word or a little encouragement to find their way.
    Go get ‘um, ladies!

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