Two Myths About the Assistant Principal Job (Part One)

Myth Number 1: When you become a principal you’ll only deal with the bad kids.

I’ve been an assistant principal for about nine weeks.  If my job is to deal with the bad kids, I’m doing a pretty lousy job!  As a matter of fact, I’m having a hard time finding these bad kids.Image  I’m fairly certain our parents are sending us the best they’ve got.  As the comedian Tim Hawkins says, “They aren’t keeping their good kids at home and sending us the rest!”

I’ve had conversations with students who have trouble with following rules, getting along with others, or understanding instructions. But they aren’t bad.  They just need some guidance.  They may need to spend some quality time in ISS or after school detention.  We might need to visit with parents or teachers about the behavior.  Still, I believe parents are sending us their best!  

Many people believe that APs spend their entire day dealing with discipline issues.  Not true.  I spent one afternoon last week talking to students who were struggling with their grades.  We talked about how they can improve, made goals, and discussed plans for keeping track of their progress.  They aren’t bad kids.  There was no discipline issue to deal with.  They just needed to know someone cared about their academic progress.

Recently, two other students were in my office.  One was a young lady who sang the National Anthem at a pep rally.  It was amazing (like, chills down your spine amazing)!  The other student was an athlete on the 7th grade “B” football team who had a pretty exceptional game the night before.  No bad kids here, just an opportunity to pat them on the back!

Last Saturday, our band students were involved in their “All District” band auditions.  Twenty students from Timberview were selected.  I’ll be stopping these kids in the hall, at lunch, or in class to let them know how impressive their achievement is!  

Myth Number One – BUSTED!  They’re ALL good kids!

Come back next week for Myth Number Two! 



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