“Do You Miss It?”

ATSSB Region 1 Junior High All-Region Band (photo courtesy of Joe Woolsey)

ATSSB Region 1 Junior High All-Region Band (photo courtesy of Joe Woolsey)

Last weekend I was invited to conduct the ATSSB Region I Junior High Concert Band in Amarillo.  This honor band consisted of some of the best small school junior high band kids in the Panhandle.  We rehearsed the music for two days, then performed a concert Saturday evening.  The kids were amazing, and it was nice seeing some old friends.

I got asked about my new job quite a bit.  People wanted to know if I was enjoying being a principal, if I liked living in the Metroplex, and if I enjoyed working with middle school kids.  They asked, “What do you like about your job?” “Is it what you expected it to be?” “Do you discipline kids all day?”

But the one question I got asked the most was:

“Do you miss it?”

My answer?  Of course I miss it!  I have been a band director for over twenty years!  And I’ve absolutely loved it! (I also think I was pretty decent at it!)

  • I miss creating something amazing and unique with a group of young people.
  • I miss seeing the excitement in the kids’ eyes after a successful performance.
  • I miss hearing parents say things like, “That performance was incredible!”
  • I miss challenging kids to perform above their ability level.
  • I miss performing!

But, I love being an assistant principal at Timberview Middle School!  And I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything!  As a school administrator:

  • I am able to impact the lives of hundreds of kids every day!
  • I can build important relationships with parents, community, staff, and students!
  • I can be an integral part of building the culture of a school!
  • I can help make school an inviting place for everyone (kids, parents, teachers, etc.)
  • I can share my crazy, bizarre, and sometimes irrational ideas about school reform!
  • I can help change the system!

So yeah, I miss it, but maybe the good people at ATSSB Region I will have me back soon for my “band fix!” And I’m available for clinics and guest conducting if you’re interested!  I’ll even bring my own discipline referral forms!


3 thoughts on ““Do You Miss It?”

  1. Loved reading this and enjoy following your exploits and pursuits from afar. Sounds like you are doing really well and I really admire the change you have made in your life! I look forward to seeing you – maybe you could still sneak away for TMEA?? 🙂

    Mike Keig

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