Congratulations Digital Principal of the Year!

I really enjoy working with my colleague, Timberview Middle School Principal Carrie Jackson.  She has many qualities that make her a good leader, but the one I admire most, is her humility.

Ms. Jackson was recently named one of three National Digital Principals of the Year by the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP).  This is a HUGE honor!  It confirms at a national level what we already know; Carrie exhibits “bold, creative leadership” as she strives to create an environment that embraces new technologies for teaching and learning.

So today’s blog post is a shout out to a humble leader, dedicated principal, and passionate educator,  who exemplifies the qualities of a “National Digital Principal Award Winner!”

Please take a moment today to read her insightful post on the NASSP Conference Website: Diversifying Community Outreach with Social Media.

She also writes a weekly “Friday Focus” article that discusses topics of interest to the campus and the education community.

And you can follow her on Twitter to learn more about technology, education, and TCU!



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