Why We Need “Timberview Dads”

Timberview dads logo

(Photo courtesy Davis Wright)

Timberview Dads is a newly created organization for the dads of our students at TMS.  The purpose of the group is to provide support to the school through mentoring, volunteering, and service opportunities.

Why We Need “Timberview Dads”

Some interesting statistics:

  • More than 24 million kids in the U.S. live without a biological father.
  • One-third of all children from father-absent homes have no contact with their dads.
  • The average father spends less than ten minutes a day one-on-one with his child.
  • When fathers are involved in the education of their children, the children learn more, perform better in school, and exhibit healthier behavior.
  • The active involvement of fathers who do not live with their children can have a lasting and positive impact on their educational success.
  • The presence of a father greatly reduces disciplinary problems at school.

(U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics. Fathers’ Involvement in Their Children’s Schools, NCES 98-091,by Christine Winquist Nord, DeeAnn Brimhall, and Jerry West, Washington, DC: 1997.)

We need dads in our schools!

We have created Timberview Dads to encourage men to be involved with our school.  There are opportunities for every dad, regardless of schedule, talent, or interest.  Dads can help by mentoring other students, helping with service projects, chaperoning events, or hanging out at lunch. They can volunteer for a day, an hour, or any time that fits their schedule.  You can sign up to be a Timberview Dad here!

Our next event is “Timberview Dad’s Coffee Shop.”  We are inviting dads and their  students to come kick start their morning with coffee and donuts this Friday, from 7:30 to 8:30 in our library.  Sign up here!


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