Classroom Management – Physical Education Style


I believe that Physical Education teachers may be the best managers of classrooms in schools today!

They really have no choice.  The nature of the class demands it.  Huge class sizes, lessons involving flying objects, students running in class, and lots of “organized chaos,” dictates the need to create a safe, orderly classroom environment.

I had the opportunity to observe some of our P.E. classes last week, and what I saw was an impressive system of procedures and processes, which allowed for successful participation, engaging lessons, and enjoyable activities for all students.

Six Reasons P.E. Teachers are Excellent Classroom ManagersDSCN1773 DSCN1774 DSCN1780 DSCN1783 DSCN1785 DSCN1787

  • They establish high behavioral expectations for all students
    • Rules and procedures are established from day one.
    • Rules are consistent, fair, and intentional
  • They practice the procedures with the students
    • Teachers review the expectations often
    • They practice the procedures with the students
    • When the procedure breaks down, they practice it some more
  • They create an atmosphere of mutual respect
    • P.E. teachers treat all students with respect, regardless of ability
    • They encourage every student to do their best, and insist that students encourage each other as well
  • They keep the rules simple and relevant
    • There are no complicated or unnecessary rules
    • There are no lists of “Do Nots” posted on the wall
    • Students understand that procedures are in place for their own safety
  • They are proactive!
    • Making up rules “as you go” just leads to confusion!
  • They provide activities that are fun and engaging
    • P.E. is fun! Students have the opportunity to play games, run off some energy, and compete against their peers
    • When students are involved in something they enjoy, they are less likely to cause disruptions

Need some help with classroom management techniques?  Go check out your school’s P.E. classes!  They’re doing incredible things!


Be Intentional

image[3]The best part about starting my second year as an administrator is the chance to improve on things that didn’t go so well last year!

I definitely think we had a great year here at Timberview Middle School, but there’s always room for improvement!  I’m think my most common statement was, “I can’t wait to do that better next year!”  And so here we are!  Year two is off and running!  And I’m ready to do things better!  Here are five of my goals:

  1. Learn more student names!
  2. Spend more time in classrooms.
  3. Be a better organizer of my time.
  4. Write weekly notes of encouragement, praise, and thanks to staff members.
  5. Make at least one person’s day better every day!

Becoming Intentional

Good goals, don’t you think?  There’s one problem, though.  If I’m not intentional about them, they will simply become words in a blog.  Year two will end and I’ll say the same thing…“I can’t wait to do that better next year!”  So how can I be intentional with my goals?

Intentionally write them down

By writing my goals down (in this blog, on my desktop, tacked to my bulletin board, etc.) I am constantly reminded of the things I think are most important.  I can’t hide from my goals – they are everywhere!

Intentionally schedule time in my week

By placing these items in my weekly calendar, I’m more likely to complete the tasks.  I have an awesome assistant, and she has scheduled specific time in my week for me to observe classes, write notes to staff, etc.

Intentionally tell everyone!

By telling my friends, family, and colleagues about my goals, they can help hold me accountable.  If my principal knows that my goal is to write more notes of encouragement, and I’m not doing that very well, I know that she’ll gently remind me of my goal!

Game On!

Good luck to all of my friends and colleagues who are beginning another exciting year as teachers, administrators, parents, etc.  Set some amazing goals…and be intentional!

“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.” – Yogi Berra