Where’s My Flash Drive?

nousb“Where’s My Flash Drive?”

  • Teacher: Where’s your project?
  • Student: On my flash drive.
  • Teacher: It was due last week, can you turn it in now?
  • Student: Ummm…I don’t have it.
  • Teacher: You don’t have it?
  • Student: No…I lost my flash drive.  I think it’s in my locker….or at home…or maybe my backpack….or…

images (1) There’s a better way, people!  

This year, our district joined Google Apps for Education.  This means that every student in the district now has a Google Account, and with it, a Google Drive, with tons of free storage!  Why not use Google Drive instead of a flash drive for your storage needs?  It just makes sense!

Untitled spreadsheetSharing

With a flash drive, you must physically turn in your thumb drive to your teacher, provided you remembered to bring it from home!

With Google Drive, you can easily share your project with your teacher. Now it’s already turned in! Every time you update your project, your teacher receives the update immediately.  You can never use “I lost it” as an excuse again!


When you store a document on a flash drive, your teacher can share comments with you only by writing notes on a printed copy of the document.

With Google Drive, the teacher and student can comment in real time, right on the document.comments

Storage Space and Cost

Flash Drive – the cheapest 32 GB flash drive I could find was twenty bucks.

Google Drive – standard storage for students is 30 GB – FREE! images (2)

MEAWHILEWorking from Home

Flash Drive – as long as you remembered to take the flash drive out of the computer you were using at school, you’re good to go!  You can work on any device that has a USB input (no phones, ipads, etc. though!)

Google Drive – access your file anytime, anywhere, from any device…period.

So what are you doing to rid your school of unnecessary flash drives?  If you haven’t tried it, give Google Drive a shot!